For Sellers

Can I list my Epik domain in NameLiquidate's auction?
Yes. There are 2 ways domains can be listed in NameLiquidate:

  • Automatic Listings: Domains that have expired (and passed the 30-day renewal grace period) are automatically listed by Epik. These domains are placed in NameLiquidate 33 days after their expiration date.
  • Client Listings: Additionally, Epik clients can list their own domains, if the domain is eligible.

What are the eligibility requirements for listing a domain?
Here’s what you need to know before you list a domain on NameLiquidate:

  • Only domains registered with Epik can be listed (external domains aren’t eligible).
  • Your domains must have more than 15 days before expiration.
  • You can list each domain only once every 3 months.
  • While you can withdraw your domain at any time, the 3-month rule applies if you choose to re-list it.
  • Do I have to pay to transfer the domain if it sells on
    No. All names listed at NameLiquidate are already at Epik, so no transfers are needed.

    Do you offer all TLD extensions?
    Yes. We work with all extensions, including country code extensions.

    What happens to my domain after the reverse auction ends?
    If your domain is listed on Name Liquidate due to expiration and it fails to sell, it will be deleted and enter the redemption phase.

    However, if you personally list a domain for sale and it doesn't find a buyer, it will remain in your Epik account.

    What commission do you charge for domains on
    The commission rate for is a flat 9%. This means you keep 91% of the proceeds of the sale.

    Where do funds go if my domain sells?
    Funds from the sale of domains in NameLiquidate are placed in your Epik In-Store credit balance, which may be used to purchase any Epik product or service.

For Buyers

Can I buy any domain listed on
If the domain is listed on, you can purchase it immediately. As the domain is located at Epik, you will receive ownership immediately after payment.

Can I transfer a domain that I purchase in NameLiquidate to another registrar?
Yes, but not in the first 60 days after purchase. It is an ICANN requirement that domains that change ownership be limited in their ability to transfer for 60 days after the change.

Is my proxy bid visible to other buyers?
Yes. Your bid is visible to the public. Other bidders on the same domain may be aware of your bids, and be notified via email if you outbid them. To avoid losing the domain to other bidders, it's important to act fast.

I changed my mind about buying a domain, is there a refund policy?
Refunds are not offered for liquidation sales; once a purchase is made, it's expected to be honored as agreed upon.

Why did I lose the bid, even though I was the highest bidder at the end of the auction?
Even as the top bidder, you might lose the bid if you don't have a verified payment method on file, or enough Epik credit to cover the bid listed on your NameLiquidate bidding page. Before you start bidding, you’ll want to verify that your payment method is good to go.

Can I pay for a bid after the auction ends?
Placing a domain in your cart does not remove the domain from the NameLiquidate market until it is fully paid. In order for your bid to be accepted and awarded, you must have a valid payment method or Epik account credit to cover the cost, and complete the purchase.

Can I lose the auction even though I was the highest bidder?
Yes. Other buyers can secure an immediate win on any auction using the Buy It Now (BIN) option.