For Sellers

Do I need an Epik account to list names at NameLiquidate?
Epik utilizes single user sign-on across all platforms. Sign up for any service and you have access to them all. So if you already have an account at Epik you can use it for NameLiquidate. If you are a first time user you can also create an account here, and it will let you access all of Epik's products and services.

Can I list my name even if it is with a different registrar?
Absolutely. As long as the name is not more than 15 days past expiration, you can list your domain on NameLiquidate from any registrar. Just make sure you unlock the domain and have the authorization code when you go to list them.

What commission do you charge for listing on
The commission rate for is a flat 9% - This means you keep 91% of the proceeds of the sale.

Do I have to pay to transfer the domain if it sells on
The transfer is paid for by the buyer upon checkout, you do not have to pay for the transfer cost of any external domain.

Does my domain need to be expired to be listed?
Any domain that is not 15 days past expiration is eligible for listing on

Can I sell my expired domain?
Yes, domains that have expired less than 15 days ago are eligible for NameLiquidate. If your domain expired April 10th 2020, the last day to eligibility would be April 25th 2020, for example.

Do you accept all TLD extensions?
Yes, we work with all legacy and nTLD extensions, as well as country code extensions.

What do I need to provide in order to list my domain?
The domain must be unlocked and you must provide a valid transfer authorization code.

Can I set my own auction price and terms? works on a dutch auction model. The price for all domains starts at $988 and drops every hour until it reaches $9 in it’s final hour of auction. The action runs for 7 days consecutively. If your domain fails to sell during the initial 7 day period, it will be listed in the “Bargain Domains” section for another 7 days.

Can I remove my listed domains before they sell?
Yes, the removal button is found inside your account. Simply find the domain by searching for it, navigate to the “Marketplace” section of the domain, and click “Remove domains from Liquidate.” This link appears for every domain, regardless of current listing status and you can select multiple domains at once for removal.

My domain was locked and the transfer authorization code was changed, what can I do?
If you become aware the authorization code is no longer valid or the domain has been locked after submission, please contact support as soon as possible.

Can I relist my domains after the auction ends or after I remove the domains?
Domains can be relisted after 90 days of the auction end or manual removal. No exceptions.

Can I set a reserve (or floor) price for my domains?
Yes, a reserve price can be implemented one of two ways. Upon submission using the bulk form, you can attach a reserve price immediately next to the authorization code. Example: 3$%&90( 100 - You can also add a reserve price when submitting from inside your Epik domain manager.

What happens to my domain after the reverse auction ends?
Your domain will be added to the “Bargain Domains” section until it sells after 7 days. If your domain enters redemption or you don’t wish you have it listed there, please remove it using the removal option from inside your Epik Domain Manager.

For Buyers

Can I buy any domain listed on
If the domain is listed on, you can purchase it immediately. If the domain is located at Epik, you will receive ownership immediately after payment.

My purchase includes a transfer fee that was not listed on the for-sale page, is this necessary?
Yes, domains that are not at need to be transferred. Buyers are responsible for transfer costs of liquidation names.

How long does my domain take to complete transfer after I buy it?
We encourage sellers to fast-transfer the domain after the sale is completed, but there may be a slight delay depending on the registrar that currently holds the domain. For example, domains at Godaddy, Network Solutions, Nom, NameCheap, Name, among others, might require a full term transfer period of up to 7 days.

If my proxy bid visible to other buyers?
Yes, your bid is visible to the public. Other bidders on the same domain may be aware of your bids and be notified via email if you outbid them. Don't miss out, buy the domain quickly to avoid losing it to competing bidders.

I changed my mind about buying a domain, is there a refund policy?
All liquidation sales are final, you must honor the purchase as agreed.

Why did I lose the bid, even though I was the highest bidder?
Every bid must have a verified payment method on file, or have enough Epik credit to cover the full amount of the bid, plus the transfer cost listed inside your NameLiquidate bidding page.

Can I pay for a bid after the auction ends?
A winning bid does not remove the domain from the NameLiquidate market until it is fully paid. In order for your bid to be accepted and awarded, you must have a valid payment method or Epik account credit to cover the cost plus transfer, if applicable.